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Death leaves us heartaches no one can heal,       love leaves us memories no one can steal.      Please share your memories of Dad (Bob) with us, we will cherish each and every one!

 God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be.  So he put his arms around you and whispered come to me   With tearful eyes I watched you,and saw you pass away.   Although I loved you dearly, I couldn't make you stay.   A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest.   God broke my heart to prove to me, he only...takes the best.

In Loving Memory and Honor of a wonderful Husband and Father; George Robert (Bob) Bell.   He quietly went home to be with the Lord on June 29, 2010. 

 He was full of adventure, loved to garden and loved to travel with his beautiful wife Carla; they had just returned from a trip to Alaska 6 days prior to taking his final journey. 

He was kind and always caring; he usually just listened when you needed a shoulder to cry on, always trying to encourage without giving "what you need to do" advice.   He loved watching racing and the game show channel; he knew many of the co-hosts by name.  (just one of the cute things about him)

He will be loved, honored and cherished forever! 

Those we have laughed with,

learned from, leaned on, and loved

leave us with the very best memories.

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Tributes and Condolences
Sorry I don't write more often!!!   / Carla Bell (wife)
Just getting so tired of all the changes. We sold out at work again so who knows what we will be doing next. Hopefuly I can hang on for 2 more years. If not I can still make it just won't be getting things done at the house I wanted before being o...  Continue >>
Almost another year!   / Carla Bell (wife)
Well sweetheart, I''ve survived another year without you would Its getting so that everyone we knew or I talked to is with you. Gets pretty lonesome down here. Tell Jim and everyone hi for me. LOVE AND MISS YOU, Carla
Still find it hard to believe!!   / Carla Bell (wife)
Well still find it hard to believe that is has been three years since you left. Maybe its because I still talk to you almost everyday. I went to Spokane the other day and made our loop. Coming back down on the Idaho side I could hear you telling me a...  Continue >>
Happy Father's Day   / Barbara Fann (Daughter)
Hi Dad, I never know what to say on here; I don't plan it and don't want to sound depressed ... but it seems that when I miss you the most I visit here. I know it doesn't take me writing something here to have you know what I am thinking. I t...  Continue >>
Corruption!!!  / Carla Bell (wife)
 Haven't had a drink for 19 years and finally broke down and went and had 2 red beers with a few friends the other night. Wohoo!!!! Not like the old days when we really partied!!! But at least I got out of the house for something besides wo...  Continue >>
Happy anniversary!!!!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
Trying again!!!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
Hard to believe!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
Two years without you ....  / Barbara (Daughter)    Read >>
Happy fathers day!!!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
Getting closer!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
Hi Dad  / Barbara Fann (Daughter)    Read >>
Sorry I didn't get ahold of you on your birthday!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
April 12th  / Jim Bell     Read >>
Happy anniversary!!!  / Carla Bell (wife)    Read >>
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