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With Sincere Sympathy  / Jennifer Pentzer (friend)  Read >>
With Sincere Sympathy  / Jennifer Pentzer (friend)
Carla and family
 Thinking of you and hoping you will find comfort in special memories.
 I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if I can do anything.
                                            Jennifer Pentzer
With Sympathy  / Paul, Kim,Eli And Ian Mosher (friend)  Read >>
With Sympathy  / Paul, Kim,Eli And Ian Mosher (friend)

 We are saddened to hear of your loss. Please know that we are right here if you need anything. Paul and the boys can help in a multitude of ways if you need. It is difficult to know what to say other than express our sympathy. Mei you find comfort from friends family and faith in the days to come.

Deepest sympathy for you during your time of loss.

                             Paul Kim Ian and Eli

With Sympathy and Caring  / Kaye And Orrie Kalman (friend)  Read >>
With Sympathy and Caring  / Kaye And Orrie Kalman (friend)

Mei you find comfort in knowing

that others are holding you 

close in there hearts

during this difficult time.


Adore you and love you always!!!

Kaye and Orrie

Never ever hesitate to let me help you!!!


Smiles / Carla Bell (wife)  Read >>
Smiles / Carla Bell (wife)

It has been two months since I have seen your smile. You were getting a haircut for your surgery about now.

 Everyone that I know comments on your sense of humor and your smile. I don't think the people we know now really know what a wicked sense of humor you really had. The time you sold Jim's car that you had taken away from him for some infraction. You sold it to a friend of yours and he was stopped by the police a couple of blocks from the house since they were waiting to see it on the road again. Jim had been out racing and outrunning the police. That is why you had taken the car away from him.

 That same friend is the one you went to K-mart with one winter and as you were leaving said; "Aren't you going to pay for that stocking hat?" right in front of the security guard. The only thing that saved him was that they didn't sell that brand. Or the time you set the headache ball from your crane right in front of the chick sales door at lunch time when you had seen the boss go in. Then you got off the crane and went to lunch!!!

 One of the hi-lights for you visiting Bobbi Jo was seeing if you could pull something on her whithout her catching on. I think she caught on to more than you know but she liked making you happy.

 The soft smile you would get with a glitter  in your eye and a softer voice. I always knew when you were talking to your daughter. The crooked grin and the gleam when you were up to some mischief. The outright laugh. Like when we took your favorite picture. The day the three donkeys were trying to get more cookies and had there heads through your car window . You laughed so hard when you saw that picture for the first time and many a time after.

 I will miss your laugh and smile even though I can still hear the echo of your laughter  and see your smile in my memories of you.

Fog / Carla Bell (wife)  Read >>
Fog / Carla Bell (wife)

 Remember a few years ago when we were in South Dakota  and we decided to go to Mammoth Hot Springs?  The fog was so thick we couldn't see were we were. They were in the process of building a new road and there were no fog lines or anything to let you know where you were at. I'm still caught on that fog shrouded road but I don't  have you there to drive us out.  But everytime the fog starts to thin its like a sudden burst of sunlight searing your eyes so I steer back into the fog to avoid the pain . I know if I ever drive out of the fog Im going to crash off a fog shrouded cliff and feel the total crushing devastation of you not being there with me .

  I  am holding onto the fog like a tattered blanket for it is the only thing keeping the cold of  your not being here to keep me warm. I love you baby and still think of you constantly.

You are still here beside seen through the mist still in the drivers seat getting us over  this patch of fog shrouded road.  You are in my heart always.

Love and strength tempered with compassion!  / Carla Bell (wife)  Read >>
Love and strength tempered with compassion!  / Carla Bell (wife)

 You always said that one of God's  greatest gifts was love. And you practiced what you preached. You never met a stranger and could go anywhere and strike up a conversation. Remember back in the day when we weren't afraid to pick up hitch-hikers. We were taking a Sunday drive and stopped to pick up a fellow that was going 2 or 3 hundred miles out of our way. We took him where he wanted to go then you gave him some money so he could get something to eat until he could get ahold of his friends. You were always doing things like that. The love and compassion for your fellow man. Just last summer there was a guy running aroung the parking lot and you thought maybe he was looking for a lost child so you went and asked him if he needed help. Turned out he had ran out of gas and had not brought any money with him so he was in a tizzy. We gave him gas money to get home.

 Then you had a trust in people that must have came from an earlier age. We would have a car that you would decide to sell and just sign off on the titles before you received any payment. That bit us a few times. But you never lost that trust or caring for people.

 When we first met it was your caring and compassion that brought us together. I had issues from things that had happened to me as a child but you had the patience to listen and understand. Even though you said you had no patience you had it in abundance. Except when we were traveling  It was hurry up and go. We always had to get that 7 or 800 miles in a day. I so appreciated our last trip that we had several days we did slow down to enjoy some downtime together.

 I also want to thank you for having the compassion and love for me that you did even as you left  by twining your spirit with mine to say good-bye. I have never felt such all encompassing peace as I did when you enveloped me in your love to say good-bye. It has helped remembering that in the days since you left. I love you baby . And our love will carry on.

                                               Love Carla 

One month  / Barbara Fann (Daughter)  Read >>
One month  / Barbara Fann (Daughter)


One month ago tonight we still held on to a hope; one month ago tomorrow it was gone.  I am sorry that I didn't spend the night before your surgery with you; I believed that you were going to come through it ok ... the thing that bothers me the most is I KNEW that you were scared but I thought that you needed to go to sleep so you didn't worry about it ... and it would be ok.  I will never forget how you called out my name and I stopped and looked back at you; you tilted your head to the side and looked at me and smiled .... and I said "I know dad; I love you too."  Just wish I would have stayed ... I should have stayed!!! 

Nothing seems the same anymore but I will hold on to all of the wonderful memories ... and there are a lot!!!!

Carla is trying to be strong; we talk a lot ... I hope you know how very much she loves you ... how loyal she is to you and how she is holding on with a strength that I somehow believe that you helped her find. 

Until we see each other again in heaven I will continue to hold on to the dreams and memories here.   ... and I will have my own private angel.  


Thank you dad!!  / Jim Bell (Son)  Read >>
Thank you dad!!  / Jim Bell (Son)

As I look back over the years I can't help but remember some of the good times we had our camping trips in the camper you made. I remember one camping trip where we were by a stream and I wanted to go fishing but we were all told that we had to pick our share of huckleberries before we could do anything else at the time I thought that that bit cherish the moment now. I remember crossing the river in the hand cable trolly and mutilating Bobbi's fingers and you and mom pouring aftershave on them. She wasn't to happy but it was the best thing you could have done at the time. Then remember our trip to Missouri and the tour through the Merimeck caverns. The stop at Vernal Utah to watch them uncover dinosour bones. Then I remember you worrying about me when I was in the service. Then as the years passed we all ended up scattered around. I remember the flying trip you made through Alaska the 1st time and how you figured it would probably be the last time you made it up here. (it wasn't) The next time you & Carla Karen & I went on a glacier cruise and had a ball. A little further down the road I got diagnosed with cancer and I watched you worry about that more than you wanted to let people know. I could rattle on for hours but I guess what I'm trying to say is that we made a lot of memories. Looking back do I have any regrets sure I could have been a better son and made your life a little easier but then that wouldn't have been me would it have. I'm going to miss our phone calls talking about the races and I'm going to miss our April 12th call every year to tell you happy birthday a day late and me a day early. Thanks dad it won't be the same without you but we'll be all that much happier to see each other in Heaven! I love you.


Always... / Cindy Anderson (Grandaughter)  Read >>
Always... / Cindy Anderson (Grandaughter)



I have to say Grandpa... I didn't realize that letting go of someone would be so hard. It's hard to know what to say, so I am just going to say what I feel. This might not make sense to everyone but I know you know what I mean. I haven't always known you like I have gotten to over the past 10 years. Makes me kinda sad on all those years I didn't know you as well as I do now. Over the past 10 years you have touched my heart in many ways. I sit here and picture you as I have been doing a lot lately. In every memory I remember a smile on your face. I'm sure you had your sad moments just like everyone else does but you always managed to smile. I guess thats where I get it from. You have always made me feel special and loved. You definately made it clear how proud you were of your family and how much they meant to you. I keep remembering the last time I got to talk to you. It meant so much to me more than you can possibly imagine... I needed you and you were there for me. I remember that I said thank you so much Grandpa and your response was "I am just happy that you thought of me". Wow... All I can say to that. I have looked at a lot of pictures of you lately. Remember the day we were all standing out there forever taking those pictures? To be honest with you I was getting tired of all that posing... But I am sure glad we did. Wow... I am really going to miss you so very much. I am so sorry I could not be there to wish you farewell and luck on your journey to a better place if I could have I would have jumped in my car driven non-stop the whole way. Under the circumstances I know you understand why I couldn't be there but it is still something I will always regret. I will never ever ever forget you ever! I don't want to say goodbye because I know it's not the end. I know that one day I will get to see you again. I know that right now you are probably looking down on your family with a proud smile on your face. On fathers day Mom said to you that none of us would be here today if it wasn't for you and she is right. Thank you for my life and I will keep trying do my best not to take it for granted. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Your memories will always be a part of my life and hold a special place in my heart that no one can ever replace. I love you Grandpa... Always....

Until then  / James Fann (Grandson)  Read >>
Until then  / James Fann (Grandson)
Grandpa As I look back on times that we shared together it makes me smile. I loved to hear about your adventures to the Black Hills to Crazy Horse and to Alaska. I can still hear the excitement in your voice when you told the stories. When I would ask you a question about Crazy Horse and you would say: "Oh Yeah"! You would go into such great detail about your adventure that I would almost feel like I was there with you. Today as I was thinking about you I started to get sad. No more stories! No more adventures! Only memories! I know that you wouldn't want me to be sad. You would look me in the eyes and calmly say: "Hey". So for now I choose to smile and refuse to cry. I wish that I could hear just one more story or go on one more adventure with you. I wish I would have known that the last time I saw you would be the last. I wish... I will hold the memories close to my heart and look forward to the day when you and I can once again sit down and go on an adventure together. I LOVE YOU GRANDPA! I WILL MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW! Your Grandson James Close
Daughters and Fathers  / Barbara Fann (Daughter)  Read >>
Daughters and Fathers  / Barbara Fann (Daughter)

A little girl quietly puts her hand into her fathers' she is safe.  As she grows she knows that she can always pick up the phone and he will make everything better.  As an adult she realizes how deeply she loves him and takes it for granted that he will always be there when she needs that "shoulder" or that "I love you honey". 

Putting my hand in yours for the last time trying to hold on to you forever yet knowing I had to let you go has left an emptiness so big in my heart that I sometimes don't know how to cope. 

I miss you desperately dad!  I will try my hardest to live my life in a way that would make you proud.  I know that you didn't want to go; you wanted to stay with your wonderful wife and all of us; you fought so very hard. 

I have learned one very hard lesson:

When you love someone always say "I love You"; you never know when you need to say it just one more time and you will never have the chance.


Your daughter - Barbara

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